So, what can I tell you about me?  Well, I set up Crowland Cake Creations in 2009 alongside my full-time job.  The business started to grow – almost entirely from customer recommendations – and I just knew that my passion to develop the business further meant I needed to take a bold step.  So, at the end of 2014 I took the leap, resigned from my job and became a full-time cake designer.

It was a bit of a change of direction as I had worked in finance – as a Tax and Vat Manager – for the last 20 or so years but I knew it was the right move to make and I haven’t looked back!

I really love what I do and it gives me great pleasure to use my creative side to design completely individual and bespoke wedding and celebration cakes.

There is nothing better than opening up a cake box and seeing the look of delight on a customer’s face when they see their cake for the first time or a bride letting you know that her wedding cake was exactly what she had wanted.

I live with my husband Mark and my two cats – Poppy and Mr Pickle and they’ll often come and say hello looking for some fuss (the cats – not Mark!) during wedding cake consultations.  So many of the lovely couples who come for consultations are cat or dog owners so they’re more than happy to oblige with a bit of fuss! But if you’re not – or you have an allergy, don’t worry they’re kept well out of the way!

When I’m not busy with cakes I love going for long walks – I live near the flood bank so will quite happily walk along there spotting the birds as I go – if I remember to take my binoculars – and often seeing the roe deer grazing in the fields.  It’s really peaceful as I generally only bump into the odd dog walker.  Further afield I just love the North Norfolk coast as I was born in the area and it still pulls me back on a regular basis.

I do like going to the cinema but my film knowledge is pretty rubbish!  I quite like the action style films – Marvel, James Bond, Mission Impossible that kind of thing or anything funny.  I’m not really a Rom Com or period drama kind of girl.

I also like to read a lot too – detective novels, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries mainly – anything with a plot and a bit of suspense –  and since I’ve had my Kindle I read every single night and can quite easily get through about six books on a week’s holiday!

Mark and I also love cooking new recipes too although he’s more the chef and I’m the sous chef tidying up after him in the kitchen otherwise it would look like a bomb site.  I think he uses every single pot and pan in the kitchen when he cooks!

So, a cat loving, walking, cinema going foodie just about sums me up!